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    I need to update my antivirus software and rather then just renewing Norton I thought I would look for something that gave me both Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam tools. I see that Zone Labs says that it's Internet Security suite contains both and being a long time user of the Zone Alarm firewall I thought that might be a good choice. My questions are how do you folks rate Zone AlarmsAnti-Virus program? My next questionis how do you folks rate Zone AlarmsAnti-Spam tool I can't find any description of it's functionality on the Website. Does it use Bayesian filters, or is it trainable, mainly what are it's main features and how do you folks think it works?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jarvis Guest

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    The Antivirus uses the CA Vet engine which usually passes the VirusBulletin100% monthly tests. As with most AVs it has some limited capability to detect things that are not viruses, like trojans, but should not be relied upon for this. From what I have seen on the forum, it is better at infection prevention than it is at removal of viruses that have already got their teeth in. Still, you can easily find manual removal instructions on the internet that are far more thorough than any AV will be.

    I find that (especially compared to Norton) the resource usage is very low - it all fits into the vsmon.exe process, apart from the email scanner (isafe.exe) which can be easily disabled.

    Full system scans can be scheduled and they will run at the next reboot if your computer was off during the scheduled time.

    The Antispam is a branded version of Mailfrontier's Matador product, recently renamed "Mailfrontier Desktop":
    Mailfrontier's Product page. According to them, it does use Bayesian filters. However, the main feature is the collaborative filter. IF you or any other Mailfrontier user get some spam that it fails to block, you can report it back to Mailfrontier (with a right-click of the mouse). They will add it to their database and similar mail will then be blocked for all users of the system.

    When it first runs, it adds all your contacts to it's Allow list and never blocks mail from those people. You can also add specific addresses and domains to it's block lists. It has a challenge email system that is disabled by default, but can be used if you wish.

    The downside is that it directly integrates into Outlook and/or Outlook Express and is incompatible with other email clients.

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