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Thread: Worried about upgrading to ZA Pro 6.1

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    hinkleyk Guest

    Default Worried about upgrading to ZA Pro 6.1

    When ZA Pro v.6.0 came out, I upgraded like I have for the past eight years but I had nothing but problems as it seemed that the V6.0 had many bugs, so I reverted back to the previous version 5.5. Now that V.6.1 is out, I am hoping that the bugs have all been worked out since I really feel like I should upgrade so I don't get too far behind. Has anyone had any problems with the newest version that I should know about? Thanks for any input that you can provide. Windows 2000 ProIntel Pentium 4, 2000Mhz1024MB system memory

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:5.5

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Worried about upgrading to ZA Pro 6.1

    Hi hinkleyk
    Some bugs have been fixed others not. I would recommend to stay some more time with 5.5 and see if things improve, as in this moment there are people running more or less smoothly and others in a total mess. The golden rule however is when trying do always a clean uninstall and the a clean install.
    Best regards

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    uaglt Guest

    Default Re: Worried about upgrading to ZA Pro 6.1

    <DIV align=left>I suggest that you uninstall ZoneLabs and get on with life....<DIV align=left>After having experiencing endless problems with ZA6.0 (see my previous post Iwas dumb enough todownload the latest (free) 6.1.737.000 version and, voila, my mouse just about stopped working completely (the scroll wheel didn't work anymore and when I clicked the left (main) button, it placed the cursor over the start button of Windows.I also could not shut down the computer using the switch - I had to pull the power plug !!! I uninstalled ZoneLab and now the mouse and start-up/ shutdown is back to normal....<DIV align=left>The same thing happened to a friend to whom I recommended ZoneLabs. She paid a technician who uninstalled ZoneLabs Firewall and now her computer works fine again!<DIV align=left><DIV align=left>From reading other threads it looks like V 5.5 was ok - not sure how I can re-install it. I suppose I live without a firewall and only visit reputable websites (I'm on dial-up, so hackers are not likely to sneak in overnight...)

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