Hello,I m having problems starting the GT Legends (SimBin) game with ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.1.737.000 (or 6.0.667.000) installed. The game seems to be starting ok, and then when it gets to the copy protection phase, it reboots the computer rather than starting the game. It does this continually.

Other games start ok, for instance GTR, which came out just ahead of GT Legends by the same company, starts just fine. (I don t have an exhaustive list of games which work and don t work).

GTR starts even though they both games use Star-force copy protection. Whether it is the same version of Star-force or not, I don t know, nor do I know the copy protection is causing the problem. That is just when the problem occurs.

While reading the posts on this NG I noticed some users falling back to ZA version 5.5. I tried that and it worked for me too. GT Legends started ok. So what is the difference in settings or whatever between version 5.5 & version 6.1 that causes this? I did not change anything else. Or could some part of ZA Security Suite other than the firewall be causing this?

GT Legends starts normally with no firewall, with MS OneCare Beta and with ZA but not with ZA 6.0.667.000 or 6.1.737.000.

Anyone else run into this or have anysuggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0