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Thread: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

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    littlenemo Guest

    Default ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    Shortly after installing the latest ZoneAlarm update (6.0.667.000 at the time) my system (Windows 98SE) became unstable. After I would shutdown ZoneAlarm (I manually load and unload it), my next mouse click would invariably give me the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death - fatal error message). Since cleaning up my system about a year ago, I had been free of BSODs and other types of crashes, and have been running ZoneAlarm ( without any problems. I strongly suspected the new ZoneAlarm update as being the culprit since I have made no other major changes in my software or hardware in recent months, and there was the proximity of the crash to my last operation (Shutting ZoneAlarm down). So I uninstalled version 6.0.667.000, and reinstalled v. and have had no problems since. I have seen too many early versions of good programs suffer because of the nightmarish results of kludge-like 'fixes', and I hope this isn't such an instance. But I'll just wait awhile and try installing some future version of ZoneAlarm a little later on, and see if the situation improves. Any comments?

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    starship Guest

    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    Little Nemo said: I have seen too many early versions of good programs suffer because of the nightmarish results of kludge-like 'fixes', and I hope this isn't such an instance.Well, guess what, it appears that it is.

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    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    I upgraded to Windows XP from Windows98SE about a year ago and I have had no BSOD episodes since then (... Well, there was that one time when I played around with my BIOS settings but what I did then was exceptionally foolhardy)I held on to98SE for the longest out of concern that I would have to abandon alot of my software/hardware but I found the transition painless and now I ask myself how did I ever get along without XP. I recommend you jump on the xp bandwagon

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    jhwalter Guest

    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    I use Windows XP Pro. Since installing the upgrade to ZA Pro 6.1.737.000, my system has become quite unstable. Sometimes it just crashes ZA and offers to send a message to Microsoft that the True Vector service crashed. After this happens, incoming internet connections are blocked, even if I shut down ZA Pro. Other times, it completely crashes and reboots my system. Nothing else has changed recently on my system and it was quite stable before the new version of ZA.This kind of problem happened a year or so ago, but Zone Labs pretty quickly figured out that the new program was crashing computers and updated the software. No such luck this time. Any other frequent crashers out there?

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    berryessa Guest

    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    I am also on WIN XP, and was very stable until recently. I am seeing Exactly the same behavior that you describe. Mostly Truevector crashes, and the same Internet slowdowns (or complete blockage, requiring a re-boot to get going again). I will be anxiously watching for an update to this 667 version.

    ZoneLabs, are you listening?

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    trevw Guest

    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    I too have problems with the latest ZA update. In a couple of games I play about every 20 mins you get about 3 or 4 5 second pause's and then everything well be alright for another 20 or so mins and the pause's happen again. After awitching ZA off the problem disappears. Another thing that happens isapoun every boot up of my computer I get a warning about LSA Shell(export version) is trying to contact C:/windows/system32 I tick the box to allow this but get it everytime I boot. I clicked on the properties for this file and find it is a MS file. I also did some research on the internet and found that I could have a possiblevirus or spyware. Have run antivirus software and spyware software and everything is clean. I also get the true victor thing and ZA well shutdown.Computer. P4 2.53, 1gb ram, Windows XP Home SP2, FX 6800 LE TDH 128mbgraphics card, SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card.Trevor

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    uaglt Guest

    Default Re: ZA 6 Upgrade destabilizes system

    <DIV align=left>Same experience here - 5.5 was ok but 6 + versions are destabilizing the computer (see my story below) <DIV align=left>Question: How can I re-install 5.5 (for what it is worth) - it claimed to have intercepted all kinds of malicious attempts on my computer, but I never browse on un-secure websites (I think)...<DIV align=left><DIV align=left>After having experiencing endless problems with ZA6.0 (see my previous post Iwas dumb enough todownload the latest (free) 6.1.737.000 version and, voila, my mouse just about stopped working completely (the scroll wheel didn't work anymore and when I clicked the left (main) button, it placed the cursor over the start button of Windows.I also could not shut down the computer using the switch - I had to pull the power plug !!! I uninstalled ZoneLab and now the mouse and start-up/ shutdown is back to normal....<DIV align=left>The same thing happened to a friend to whom I recommended ZoneLabs. She paid a technician who uninstalled ZoneLabs Firewall and now her computer works fine again!

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