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Thread: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

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    mtheory Guest

    Default ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    I am running the newest version of ZoneAlarm 6.1 on my windows XP--I've had ZoneAlarm for almost a year now. I never go on the internet without it being turned on, and I run a virus/spy scan every couple of days or so--YET! 2 days ago the scan shows that suddenly my computer is infected with a couple of different strains of the ISTBAR trojan/virus/malware? (win32.istbar.u) and ZoneAlarm scan tells me it isn't treatable? Can't even delete it??? Says to go find help about "manual removal"? <<<you've got to be kidding me ZoneAlarm! Manual removal of this type of infection is extremely difficult, time consuming, and risky! Why did the ZoneAlarm allow these things into my computer in the first place? It seems the only other solution is to have to go and buy another spyware removal program? WHY? Why should I have to get another program to this? Shouldn't ZoneAlarm be up on this to be begin with? Shouldn't ZoneAlarm have protected my computer better than this?From everything I have read about it, this ISTBAR isdangerous.What do I do now?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    eolithic Guest

    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help? > "ISTBAR Removal"

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    mtheory Guest

    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    I'm confused by your response eoLithic? I thought I had alreadymade it clearthat I have alreadylooked up manual removal of ISTBAR--and it turns out that it is incredibly time consuming, risky and difficult to do a manual removal!--the only other alternative (which I have already mentioned as well) is to buy another program to remove it for me---BUT MY POINT IN MY ORIGINAL MESSAGE WAS THAT I THINK THAT ZONEALARM SHOULD BE ABLE TO REMOVE IT!

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    May 2005

    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    I agree that ZoneAlarm Anti-spywareshould remove it, but since it can'tlet's try removing it manually.It is known that Ad-aware can remove Istbar. Let's try it:Please download Ad-Aware SE Personal and install it. If you already have Ad-Aware SE, please configure it as indicated below. If you have a previous version of Ad-Aware, please uninstall your current version and install the newest version SE 1.06.

    1) Run Ad-Aware, and click Check for updates now.

    2) Select Configurations (click the Gear wheel at the top) as follows: <UL><LI>General Button &gt; Safety &amp; Settings: Check (Green) all three. <LI>Tweak Button &gt; Cleaning Engine &gt; UNcheck "Always try to unload modules before deletion".</LI>[/list]Click Proceed.

    3) To start the scan, Click &gt; "Scan Now" at left <UL><LI>Deselect "Search for negligible risk entries" as negligible risk entries (MRU's) are not considered to be a threat. <LI>Select "Search for low-risk threats" <LI>Select "Perform full system scan" <LI>Click Next</LI>[/list]4) When the scan has completed, select Next. <UL><LI>In the Scanning Results window, select the "Critical Objects" tab. <LI>Right-click on the screen and choose "Select all objects" <LI>Click Next to remove the infections found, and click OK to the prompt. <LI>Restart the computer.</LI>[/list]

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    mtheory Guest

    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    Guru Chiawaikian---Thank you for trying to help me, but unfortunately it did not work. I already had the latest version of Ad-Aware and all the newest updates too---I CONFIGURED the settings/tweak, etc. just as you said and I ran a deep scan. There was not one single object found?Now, when I run the ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus/Spyware scan, it always comes up with these two ISTBAR (win32.istbar.u &amp; some other one that is similar to it)--they are there, and I have looked at the incredibly long 40 foot longlist of files and running processes and so on that one is supposed to look out for, and then do a manual removal of ISTBAR , etc.---and they are all there from what I can tell!I tried to remove just four that were so obviously there in the running processes-andWAM-MO!my computer shut itselfdown? Hah! So much for a so called manual removal on my part! This is a tricky thing, and I don't think it is right that I should have to deal with it when the whole reason I got ZoneAlarm was to protect me from this stuff! Why did ZoneAlarm allow this **bleep** onto my computer? And why does ZoneAlarm now not do anything about it? And why doesn't Ad-Aware fix it either? Should I even buy some other spy ware removal program that claims it can remove it all? Or will that toobe a rip off? If there is another anti-virus/spyware removal program available that will truly work, then please let me know about it?

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    starship Guest

    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    Guru Chiawaikian,At the risk of appearing disrespectful and being a trouble maker I ask this question, withthe hope of learning something.I've seen your comments about how you think problems with ZoneAlarm's latest disaster can be resolved. Most of them haven't worked.Now you're telling people how to configure AdAware, too?Thank You

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    Default Re: ISTBAR removal ZoneAlarm is NO help?

    What is the path of this malware? It may just be in a System Restore folder.Disable System Restore;

    1. Click Start &gt; Programs &gt; Accessories &gt; Windows Explorer
    2. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    3. Click the System Restore tab.
    4. Check the "Turn off System Restore"
    5. Click Apply. An message shows up.
    6. Click "Yes" to do this.
    7. Confirm with "Ok".
    <UL><LI>Clean out temporary files:</LI>[/list]<UL><LI>Click Start -&gt; Run and type in: cleanmgr <LI>Click "Ok". <LI>Let it scan your system. <LI>Make sure Temporary Files, Temporary Internet Files, and Recycle Bin are the only ones checked. <LI>Click "OK" to remove them. <LI>Click "Yes" to confirm the deletion.</LI>[/list]
    Enable System Restore;

    1. Click Start.
    2. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
    3. Click the System Restore tab.
    4. Uncheck the "Turn off System Restore" check box.
    5. Click Apply, and then click "OK".

    Now, please set a fresh restore point.Then rescan with ZoneAlarm Anti-virus and Anti-spyware.

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