I am running the newest version of ZoneAlarm 6.1 on my windows XP--I've had ZoneAlarm for almost a year now. I never go on the internet without it being turned on, and I run a virus/spy scan every couple of days or so--YET! 2 days ago the scan shows that suddenly my computer is infected with a couple of different strains of the ISTBAR trojan/virus/malware? (win32.istbar.u) and ZoneAlarm scan tells me it isn't treatable? Can't even delete it??? Says to go find help about "manual removal"? <<<you've got to be kidding me ZoneAlarm! Manual removal of this type of infection is extremely difficult, time consuming, and risky! Why did the ZoneAlarm allow these things into my computer in the first place? It seems the only other solution is to have to go and buy another spyware removal program? WHY? Why should I have to get another program to this? Shouldn't ZoneAlarm be up on this to be begin with? Shouldn't ZoneAlarm have protected my computer better than this?From everything I have read about it, this ISTBAR isdangerous.What do I do now?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0