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    wisdom Guest

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    Anybody experiencesmissing function in Zonealarm Internet Security Suite 6.0 ? Any soluton?Overview -> Prefernces -> General -> Protect the Zone Labs Security Software ClientThank you for your help!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    crofttk Guest

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    Yep ! I've got the same problem -- thought I was losing my mind.X-(I wanted to shut off the TrueVector service and ZoneAlarm both because I can't delete my *.rdb files to clear the database to try and solve other weirdness in ZAP 6.0.631.002. I thought unchecking "Protect the Zone Labs security software client" would allow me to shut both ZAP and TrueVector Monitoting off and allow me to delete the rdb's. I could be wrong about that.HOWEVER, where's the missing function ???

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    wisdom Guest

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    Hello crofttk,Thank you for your reply.At least you are fortunateto still have the "Protect the Zone Labs security software client" function. I cannot find this option at all (cannot find it under Overview -> Preferences -> General) ! CheersWisdom

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    billc Guest

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    The Protect Zone Alarm client function prevents a nefarious application like a Trojan from taking control of your mouse & keyboard to change the settings in Zone Alarm. If you're have problems deleting those files you mentioned, uncheck the load at boot option, reboot, and then try again.

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    It has been removed.As Bill Pointed out for specific security reasons.

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    crofttk Guest

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    Thanks for the replies. OK by me if it's been removed to further "fool-proof" things.However, re Bill's comment on unchecking the startup option and rebooting: That's the first thing I tried and got no joy. I assumed that was because the TrueVector Internet service was still running.Funny, I checked the security settings on those two files and they both were set to "Full Control" for "Everybody" and ownership was listed as my account (an admin account) and the Administrators Group.Aside from the unsettling discovery that files in a Windows folder sub-directory was set for full control by everybody (!!! -- something for me to investigate independent of this problem, sometimes I play around too much as I'm learning things !), I assumed that I still couldn't delete because TrueVector had them locked.I checked with the WhoLockMe utility and, sure enough, good ol' vsmon.exe (TrueVector) has it locked.So, I've possibly got a corrupted database due, apparently, to installation of the "new and improved" ZAP 6 and no obvious way for me to delete the *.rdb files up to this point. Any other ideas ??Thanks....And my apologies to OP for hijacking this thread.

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    crofttk Guest

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    :0Sorry I wasn't clear enough but, indeed, I don't have it either wisdom ! See Ivana's further response.

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    crofttk Guest

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    I'm not assuming that anyone cares but thought I'd just get my closure by following up here to say that I found that not only did I have to uncheck the option to load ZoneAlarm but then I had to boot into safe mode to be able to delete my rdb files.And, on second thought, I actually prefer that ZoneAlarm NOT take away my control of the program protection option, no matter HOW big a FOOL they think I am and no matter WHICH "specific security reason" they had for dumbing that option out of the program -- unless, of course,they are actually backpedaling on the option because it was vulnerable to unauthorized unchecking -- in which case I am left to wonder how well considered these new features are before they come to market.YMMVJust my two hundredths of a dollar.

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    new_age Guest

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    Seems like there is a solution (at least for me it is working): I set Remote Admin server's Trust Level to Super and now I can do whatevery I want.However there are other strange issues with 6.x series so I'm planing to return back to 5.5

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