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    adagio Guest

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    I tried to download 61.73700 but had trouble accessing the internet. I was advised by a colleague to uninstall and start again. I have tried several times to uninstall. I get the message that uninstall has been successful but then ZA is loaded again. I followed ZA's guidelines and got the internet access back but now I get the product info page without text so I can't get into "overview" and I don't know what system I have at present. I don't know if I am still on 3.7 or whether it has been updated to 61.73700.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:3.x

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    billc Guest

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    It would seem your installation is corrupt and a simple uninstall may not be the solution. I'd suggest you follow the instructions for a manual uninstall and then install a fresh copy of ZA.

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    adagio Guest

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    Thank you for the help Bill. I went into the link you gave but it is too technical for me. I would never be able to do it so suppose I must put up with the problem. I just don't understand why ZA cannot be uninstalled simply as other programmes are.

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    adagio Guest

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    If at some time I am able to uninstall ZA can someone tell me if there is another similar programme I could install instead of ZA? However if I can get the text back on the "Product Information"page, or maybe its called the "ZA Control Centre" page or maybe the "ZA Product Interface" screen then I should be OK.

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