Movie/Book/Game Collector program is prevented from writing to own files by ZA. Collector programs update using a wizard that accesses IMDB and other movie/book/game databases via the Internet. All other possibilities have been ruled out. Error received when trying to update Movie/Book/Game data file is "File not found: parsedresults.xml." Example: Select "Add Movie/Book/Game" wizard (collector program dependent), add title, select movie/book/game database to search, select search. After about 15 seconds, receive error message "File not found: parsedresults.xml." This occurs with either of the three programs. Suspect I need to enable some feature, or disable some setting in ZA to prevent this.Worked with support and they tried many different scenarios where the Collector program would have caused the error, but eliminated each scenario as cause. Only cause not eliminated was ZA firewall issue preventing updating of movie/book/game databases via the Internet. This error is occurring with all three Collector programs simultaneously, which is highly suspicious of a firewall issue. Have run out of ideas with Am approaching the problem from the ZA side of the issue. Any suggestions or possible ZA workarounds/fixes would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Operating System:Windows ME
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0