Doesn't a block all rule at the bottom of the Firewall expert rules block access to all Program expert rules? Since ZAP reads the firewall rules first?A moderator post suggests setting upexpert rules for programs (Outlook specifically) andother posts suggest using a block all rule at the bottom. Wouldn't it make sense for ZAP to read the program rules first and then the expert rules?? Maybe I'm losing it, but if I only want Outlook to access multiple SMTP & POP servers why would I put the rule in a Firewallexpert rule? This would allow any other mail client OR program to access those POP3 & SMTP servers. NOT what I want. And then if I put that same rule in theProgram expert rule for Outlook, it wouldn'teven be looked at due to the matchof the "block all" ruleat the bottom of theFirewall expert rules correct?I want nothing in or out of my network unless I tell it to do so.SO, I put on a program expert rule to allow just Outlook to access those, and in line with several posts I put a block all at the bottom of my firewall expert rules. Hmmm, so since this software firewall (ZAP) reads firewall expert rules first the block all stops any program rules from being executed right? So, what am I missing? Whatgood are any of the program expert rules then?? I only want specific applications to have access and I want to block all in my firewall expert rules. Looks like I'm SOL or am I way to tired and missed something?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0