Greetings to All, I am new to Zone Alarm Pro 6.x and have a question relatint to internet access. I have a user on a Windows XP Pro system SP2 which is accessing the internet without permission. This might not seem like such a big deal to a lot of folks but since this is a church computer, I take the subject seriously. What I have done is to set an administrator password on the ZAP options tab and that seems to prevent tampering with or shuting down ZAP. I talked to tech support about this issue and they said all I had to do was click on the "Big Red Button" to lock the internet. Unfortunatly the user can also click on the "Big Red Button" to unlock it. Is there a way to securly lock the "Big Red Button" so the user can not? I am still learning all the ins and outs about ZAP and would appricate any help anyone could offer. Thanks in advance...

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0