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Thread: New version of Zonelabs & program control

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    liveandlearn Guest

    Default New version of Zonelabs & program control

    Hello all,Just a newbie question. Why do I get 10 or so entries in the 'Program Control' for the same program/application??? Can't I just get one entry and avoid the clutter?Another thing. I seem to have problem downloading Adobe's pdf file file link in webpages lately. I never have this problem before. Only soon after I installed this new version of Zonelabs (By new version, I mean the version where Zonelabs doesn't just control the incoming traffic, but also traffic between the application/software in my PC. Version 6.1methink).It maybe something else that causes it, but I have a feeling that because I don't know how to use Zonelabs. I deleted all entries relating to Abode Reader in my 'Program Control', but it doesn't make any difference. Maybe there are Adobe Reader program entry in the 'Program COntrol' that I don't recognise, and therefore haven't deleted???Should I delete all entries in program control and start over?Thanx in advance for your help.Frankie

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    Software Version:6.0

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    liveandlearn Guest

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    I forgot tosay a little more to support how I arrive to the conclusion. I have no problem download any other kind of files, may it be mpg, jpg, wmv, etc. But I have problem downloading PDF file, and I tried 6 to 7 very different websites, and it just wouldn't download. Just to be sure I tried to download PDF files from those websites from another PC, and there was no problem.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: New version of Zonelabs & program control

    Hi LiveAndLearn
    A program has the executive file (for example Generic Host Process for Win32 Services is svchost.exe)but also use a lot of modules or components, basically small pieces of software called DLL's (Dynamically Linked Libraries) that basically optmize the way programs perform. So it happens often that depending on the task it's another component/s that perform that task and sometimes different files belonging to the same program. Take as an example your antivirus, it has the entry for the update component, components for emailscanning, it may have a component for downloading updates and so on.
    About your second question I think it has more to do with your privacy settings. Go to privacy and disable mobile code control and see if you already can download the pdf files. In fact when downloading files from places you trust,you shoud disable mobile code control.
    Best regards

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