Hi all. I've just bought and installed ZoneAlarm Security Suite 6.1.737, which I'm very happy with. I dumped Symantec today, whose software in my opinion is absolutely atrocious, and am in a wrangle with them to try and get back my subscription renewal (they happily took a renewal payment for NIS 2003 in July, and now when it is failing, they admit in an email to me that NIS 2003 is not capable of defending against today's threats - so why the **bleep** take my money in July 05 then????) Rant over.Anyway, I came on here with a simple query, and hope some of you experts can tell me.....Since installing, in the'Overview' panel, on the 'Status' tab, my 'Inbound Protection' count has been constantly increasing, almost like a timer but clocking up, not down. At the top of the panel it states that 17805 intrusions have been blocked since install.Is this normal? At the rate these detections are clocking up, it will be into millions by the end of the month. Have I set something up wrong? ANy feedback would be very welcome. Thanks for reading.Chuffy The Cat.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0