I am not exactly sure which zone lab server smart advisor connects too in order to look for program settings in order to auto config an application???

2nd I have had problems with this service not even knowing if it is ACTUALLY connecting to the zone labs servers and looking for data????

3rd Maybe someone could suggest an upgarde issue to zone labs that allows users to be given a pop up window stating smart defense is going to connect now to its servers in order to try and config applications that are known in its database(so users are allowed control over this feature and they know that a signal is ACTUALLY being sent to the zone alarm servers and some sort of response is being made.

4th When I set the program control to high or med and the smart advisor to auto Rarely do I get any confgiguration data for the applications that I have installed or are looking to connect or act as server and I am left in the dark trying to config them myself not knowing if they are the correct settings, although my jugemetn is to deny any server rights exepct for generic host and onto to trusted Zone. everything esles I set to red but then my computer sometimes runs a bit slower?

5th I have not found a way for smart defense to mark all the blue question marks in the component section to green check marks since most of them are involved with the trusted applications I have installed.

6th Should Netscpae be given server rights I think One time when I actually got the Smart defense Auto to work it configured netscape to act as a server to the trusted zone and possibly to the internet is this really a safe auto config that zone alarm is issuing for part of its smart defense network???

7th the firewall is auto set when you install zone labs to MED for the trusted zone(should it not be set to high when one is on the internet>>>??00

8th I allows check block trusted servers and block internet servers in the firewall advanced setting area could this be slowing things down a bit or should this be set this way to avoid unnesscarry hacker attempts


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0