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    chaseemdown Guest

    Default History In The Browser

    I understand that I can customize the Cashe Cleaner, but rather than a long and drawn out "process of deduction" which would eventually reveal the correct setting, can someone please tell me where in ZA Suite 2006 can I control the History cashe in my browser.

    Thank you

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:5.1

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    dreeme Guest

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    Go to Privacy > Cache Cleaner > Custom > IE/MSN (check mark your preferences)> Apply > OK.

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    chaseemdown Guest

    Default Re: History In The Browser

    Thank you but I already knew that. My problem is ... I can't figure out which one of the six settings in IE/MSN corresponds tothe History Folder in my browser. Also, what is the difference between "Clean URL history" and "Clean typed URL history". Actually, now that I slowed down to think about it, it seemslike "Clean URL history" is the one I'm looking for because I TYPE in the Address Bar, and Idon't TYPE in the History Folder. Thank you for helping me figure it out. Another lazy question: what exactly does "Clean cache" mean? Where is my "Cache" located, how can I find it, andis there more than one? Thankx again

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    dreeme Guest

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    Correct - you figured out which is which.
    Sorry I did not understand you were confused about which one was for the history folder and which one was for the address bar history.

    Cache is an area on the hard disk of a computer where web pages and page elements (graphics etc) are stored when a page is downloaded from the Internet. If a page is revisited and the page, or elements of the page, are still held in cache then the computer will use the cache version to save time rather than download afresh. It also allows previously visited pages to be viewed offline. In essence, it is a temporary memory. Each browser has it's own cache on the hard drive. If you also use Firefox, you will have to clean the cache manually because Zone Alarm Security Suite does not support it. On the Firefox toolbar go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Cache > Clear.

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    chaseemdown Guest

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    In other words all the settings in Privacy/Cache cleaner/Custom correspond to and are equivalent to the cache , or only some of them? I didn t know that previously visited pages can be viewed offline . Can you tell me how to do this?

    Thankx again

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    dreeme Guest

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    I believe the answer to your first question is "all".

    To view pages offline: While disconnected from the internet, open IE browser. If you are on dial-up a box should appear asking "Connect" or "Work Offline", click Work Offline (or on the IE toolbar click File > Work Offline). On the IE toolbar > File > Open. A dialogue box appears, start typing the web page you want to view, then "OK". Not all web pages can be viewed offline. If this is the case you get another pop up stating that fact and asking if you want to connect. You can also open recently viewed documents the same way.

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