Tonight when I logged on I got a message that ZAP had "detected a new private network". It looked like my home network so Iaccepted it as a trusted network.This blew away my settings back to the defaults, and wiped out all my program permissions. I have read otherreports on the forumabout this happening, butit has never happened before and I have had ZAP for 16 months with no changes to my home network. I had no problem resetting ZAP but I am cautious about a sudden fluke in a firewall that has been bug-free for 16 months. Why would this suddenly happenwith no changes tonetworkhardware orZAP software? Is this likelyjust a fluke or a possible signof external interference into myhome system?Thanks, Dombey

Operating System:Windows ME
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:4.5

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