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    xonk Guest

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    Help / advice required. Within problem control there are entries, e.g. viewpoint media player mts axinstaller, which I want to get rid of amongst other entries, in an attempt to stop the problem from being installed.AOL which is my ISP keeps installing the program ''Viewpoint'' even though on several occasions I try to delete all files / folders or any entries which refer to this program.Were I to select remove as an option when I right click on a particular item within program control, what would be the effect?Forgive my naivety but my PC knowledge is somewhat limited, hencewhat I am asking might appear stupid. The fact is that AOL appears to be installing this program without really asking for one's permission and I would like to get rid of it completely. Even though I manage to uninstall / delete all entries referring to is, once AOL is reactivated it is unfortunately being reinstalled.Any comments or solution highly appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    muffincharizard Guest

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    The only suggestion I can give is to dump AOL. It's a crummy ISP anyway.

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    chex Guest

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    If you wish to get rid of Viewpoint for good, go to your AOL directory, like C:\Program Files\America Online 9.0, or whatever your directory is called. Inside that directory are several subdirectories - one of them is called Jiti. (If you don't see that subdirectory, it may be hidden; so you have to go to folder options to make it visible.)

    Within Jiti are the files that regenerate both Viewpoint and RealPlayer. Getting rid of Viewpoint has no adverse consequences that I can see; I have no uses for RealPlayer either, but if you get rid of that regenerating file, real.exe, you will get nag messages about it everytime you sign onto AOL.


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    xonk Guest

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    Your efforts very much appreciated. Executed your instructions and everything now appears to be OK. No sign of the the scum ever since. However one question which is as follows - Should I delete entries in registry which refer to Viewpoint-TksXonk

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    chex Guest

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    I don't know enough to advise you about the registry occurrences. There are only about 10 of them, and they seem to refer either to the (no longer existing) Progam File directory or to, a file within it.

    Anyhow, glad things are working OK now.


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    xonk Guest

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    The fact thatall is well and by that I mean, having got rid of Viewpoint, perhaps it is best to just forget aboaut the registry entries as it does not appear to be causing any harm. This subject as far as I am concerned can be considered as closed. Tks once again

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