Have a clean install of 6.1.737 Suite installed on XP Pro SP2 current machine.Aspecialized Digital Signage program from Scala (Network Manager 3 version 7.4.10) won't run properly after install of ZA. It uses its own browser interface, dependent on certain IE 6 components, has an FTP server built-in, etc. Software loads, but acts very sluggish and most screens won't load and present the standard IE "The page cannot be displayed" screen, even when it is only trying to parse and display local XML files.Tried making all known programs super trusted, given full rights, enabled components ... no luck.Turned off all ZA components, including firewall, program control, email, spyware, cookies ... no luck.Unload ZA, said not to load on reboot ... no luck.Uninstalled ZA ... Scalaapp works great.Searched for and deleted extra filesas per ZA support for clean uninstall, thenreinstalled ZA. After ZA installed, but before accepting the prompt to run it, tried Scalaapp ... no luck.I have no idea what in ZA is preventing this program from running properly, but the only way I it can be used is when ZA is actually uinstalled. Disabling or shutting down ZA doesn't work.We're trying to wean off of Norton, and I like the software otherwise, but this is a deal killer for our company in the long run.Any ideas? Its OK for now to have this problem (for a while) if we can at least disable ZA when it needs to be run.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0