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Thread: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

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    beachboync Guest

    Default Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    I am nwe here, so please move this if I am in the wrong place.

    I recently uninstalled the Norton suite and am trying ZA Security Suite. All seems to be installed and running well. Except...

    My email is now slow. I use Outlook, and I have 8 email accounts that I read. During the course of a send/receive, usually one of two of the accounts "stalls" (shows status "Processing") and eventually times out with an error that says a timeout occured because no response was received from the server. The problem is intermittent - which accounts timeout is not always the same. Sometimes it all runs fine and reads all accounts quickly. Usually if I leave it alone, Outlook can eventually read all the accounts.

    I am on a cable connection, and have done this long enough to determine that my email servers are in fact OK. There are no blocked events in the logs - it works (sort of) but just slow.

    I have checked the program settings for Outlook, and everything is "on". If I turn OFF ZA, everything returns to normal.

    Help would be appreciated.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    A few things you might want to try could help. First, do you have your 'Loopback Adaptor' ( in the Trusted Zone? Also try adding your e-mail server IP to the Trusted zone.

    I too have 3 accounts I check with my e-mail client and sometimes I get a 'timed out' alert. My accounts are on 3 different servers. I'm curious, are yours on the same or different servers?

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    beachboync Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    Thanks, Bill. Yes, the loopback adapter was in the trusted zone, but the servers were not. I added them, but so far no change. The funny thing is that it works sometimes - you would think that if access were being denied somehow that it would be permanent.

    I have 8 accounts using 3 different servers. The problem never seems to be the same server (or servers) twice - it seems like a random combination. But usually 6 out of 8 read OK almost all of the time, and the other 2 seem to work eventually. But, again, never the same ones.

    Thanks for the help!


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    beachboync Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    Well, after running it that way for a few hours, its still the same. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Obviously, its something timing related.


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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    Bob I wish I had a solution for you and me but I've not found one yet. What I've been doing is just click the 'check for mail' button as soon as I get a time out and BINGO, it gets the mail. Frankly I've not spent time trying to discover a solution for you're the only user I've seen ask this problem.

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    beachboync Guest

    Default Re: Outlook Email Intermittent Slow

    The problem, Bill, is that I am using the trial version and trying to decide whether I want to buy it. ZA technical support seems non-existant, unless you pay the bucks. I might not even mind paying AFTER I buy it, but I am certainly not going to pay just to evaluate their program.

    I agree that the problem is intermittent and Outlook eventually does manage to read all the email. Its just frustrating to watch it...

    So, what do I do?


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