I am not sure if this is the right forum, but it is the general forum...I am not sure that it is (Zone Alarm Security Sutie 6) ZASS6 that is causing the problem, but maybe. That is why I am posting this question. I purchased a copy of McAfee QuickClean 6.1 last night and tried to install it...but every time I attempt to do so, the installation program goes through about 80% ok, and then backs out of installation entirely. The message reason for this is unclear...just that something is preventing me from installing QuickClean 6.1. I have ZASS6 with all the latestupdates as of today (01/04/06). I also have Webroot Spysweeper which is updated entirely. I have another computer with the same(XP, ZASS6 and Webroot Spysweeper) and McAfee Quick Clean running on it, no problem. As a matter of fact, the hardware and most ofthe software is the same on both computers. I am just wondering if there could be any problem with one of the two ZASS6 or WebrootSpysweeper...both softwares are excellent at preventing infection or modification of the registry, the kernel, etc...with layered protection.So I am sort of at a loss as to why it works on one computer and not another even though both are pretty much the same hardware andsoftware wise.The questions I have are: Has anyone else encountered a problem with McAfee Quickclean 6 or later with ZASS6 installed? Has there beenan installation problem with the McAfee Quickclean program as I have described? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am just checkingthis out because ZASS6 is aggressive and so is Webroot Spysweeper and both softwares let me know of the tinest changes...maybe interfere with installation of certain software.Thanks for any help, insightsor recommendations.JimC5

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:6.0