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Thread: Zone Alarm for Windows 98SE

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    cranheim Guest

    Default Zone Alarm for Windows 98SE

    I have a windows 98SE machine using IE 6 w/Sp1connected to SBC Yahoo DSL via a 2-wire(brand) router model 1800HG. I am running the SBC Security software which does not include a firewall. It was suggested I download the free version of Zone alarm to fill this gap. How stable is this software running on a Windows98SE machine. Have there been any installation problems or difficulty in removing it if there is a problem? I have a clean running system now, and don't want to wake up any sleeping dogs. The 1800HG router has a built in firewall, but I really don't know much about how good it is. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm for Windows 98SE

    Your Win 98SE machine is supported by the latest ZA Free. The latest ZA 6.0 is the best of the recent releases. Here are the requirements: <hr>System Requirements:
    Windows 98SE/ME/2000 Pro/XP. Pentium III 450 MHz or higher. 50MB of available hard disk space. Internet access. Minimum system RAM: 48MB (98SE/ME), 64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP)<hr>
    Once installed, the uninstaller that comes with the program should work just fine. I will say that as with any software some users do incur problems which is the main reason this help Forum is here.

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    cranheim Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm for Windows 98SE

    I only have a PentiumII 300mhz machine. It looks like I don't have enough cpu power to use ZoneAlarm. Charles Ranheim

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