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Thread: Has VSMON got a memory leak?

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    rcmadshane Guest

    Default Has VSMON got a memory leak?

    I have just rebuilt my laptop after a catastrophic disk failure and happily installed the latest version of ZA pro 6.1.737.000 I am sure all was fine for a couple of days but then I started to notice the memory in the laptop plummeting? I have 768MB of physical RAM and a 2GB pagefile. The laptop has been up for three hours now and VSMON is using 352MB of physical RAM and 1476MB of Virtual Memory.

    I have looked over the forum and can see this has been a problem in the past in various ways so I have done a bit of digging but no joy I am using eTrust antivirus but enabled or disabled the memory leak continues.

    Has anyone else out there got the same problem or even better a FIX!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Has VSMON got a memory leak?

    A couple of things that can cause this increasing memory usage are p2p programs or programs for which you have granted 'server' rights. Do either of these apply to you?

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    rcmadshane Guest

    Default Re: Has VSMON got a memory leak?

    Hi sorry for the delay in replying but I have been trying some more troubleshooting so as I don t bad mouth ZA unnecessarily

    I uninstall Version 6.1.XX and installed version 6.0.667 restored my config and there it was using up all my RAM again, now as I have this running on 3 other PC s I now know it cant totally be the fault of ZA.

    My laptop does not run any illegal software as it is a corporate laptop on a corporate LAN the only difference between my laptop and my other machines is the amount of networks I have listed in the Zones section. My laptop has 7 networks trusted whereas at home I only have 2, I cant see why this is a problem but could it be?

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    jnelson Guest

    Default Re: Has VSMON got a memory leak?

    Yes it does. I was a user of zone labs wireless security version that was discontinued and I was given an upgrade to the newest version ans immediately have had all kinds of problems with it. Running
    out of virtual memory. Turn off zone alarm and everything is fine. I have been checking to see if there is a fix of some kind and I have found nothing. I thought there would be a lot of people with this problem.

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    suthg Guest

    Default Re: Has VSMON got a memory leak?

    I have ZASS 737 running on XP on 2 similar machines at home and one has a memory issue with VSMON.EXE - growing each time the FTP program uploads to my weather website.These uploads are about 150kB every 5 mins and a proportion of the files (header?) is added to Vsmon every file upload.
    It gathers memory to about 210MB and I have gotten down to 110MB free memory out of 1GB.
    I have to shut the whole PC down every 5 days to clear this memory consumption.
    Others on the weather forum I use have a similar problem with vsmon.exe.
    None of us wants to get rid of ZA - we have great faith in the product and I have recommended it to many folks.
    The other m/c on the home network here does not perform FTP updates and is much more stable, Vsmon is sitting at 23.5MB tonight on that m/c.
    This may shed some other light on this issue.Its not a memory leak, rather than a memory growth!!

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