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Thread: Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

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    nasman Guest

    Default Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

    I'm currently using Cisco VPN Client 4.0.3(A). I was thinking of trying Zone Labs Pro but wanted to make sure that there were no problems with using it with Cisco VPN (expecially this version) as I depend on VPN very much, but also need a good firewall.
    Has anyone used ZL Pro with Cisco particular...this version of VPN? Are there any issues with using these two apps together?


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    nasman Guest

    Default Re: Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

    Geesh!...I guess I should have searched before posting this. There appears to be quite a bunch of problems with using Cisco VPN 4.x.x with ZA Pro 6. I'm currently using Sygate 5.6 and it works fine with VPN, but I wanted to update to a newer (and supported) firewall. Maybe I should just stick with what works?
    I certainly don't want to create a bunch of problems for myself...

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    groo Guest

    Default Re: Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

    Cisco VPN 4.6xxx doesn't work with ZoneAlarm.
    The problem has been around for months and ZoneLabs has ignored it.

    You might want to try somone else's product

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    Default Re: Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

    Yes there is a problem with Cisco's VPN. The problem is it and ZoneAlarm use a file that is the same name. You need to install ZA, and then reinstall the Cisco VPN. That normally fixes the issue.
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    groo Guest

    Default Re: Zone Labs Pro with Cisco VPN

    Yeah. I've seen that written several times in this forum.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I've done the process several times to no avail.

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