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    myming Guest

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    i read a "humerous" piece at entitled Stories From Tech Support.i can appreciate some of the humor in this, but there are people (women, too(lol)) who do read their manuals, buy texts, use the library and still are unable to find an "understandable" answer to their question. the "techies", i assume, have been educated in the fields of computer technology and have been employed to "help" the consumer. not everyone who makes use of their computer are "techies" and after paying for the computer are angered to find they cannot get help w/o paying "extra". this can/does lead to googling to find help by other means (free sites) and a bad attitude toward the maker company.maybe if the maker companies were to put their support into catagories that consumers could comprehend, hire "techies" with better attitudes and not out source, maybe the maker companies could make a better product.i would like to thank ZoneLabs Forum for their FREE, educated/educational and polite responses to my questions posted.

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    billc Guest

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    Thanks for the link, I got a kick out of some of the funnies there.

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    myming Guest

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    yr welcom.

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    bcr_cmptr Guest

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    ON a serious note:

    Tech support personell generally stick to product specific answeres.

    ZA tech support are in a unique position as they have to deal w/all
    kinds of issues because of the nature of the product.

    Good tech support is often bungled by two factors:
    1- poor communication of the problem
    2- inability or unwillingness of the techei to extract the problem
    in terms that he/she understands, and/or poor listening (er, reading
    skills), as a client of mine recently experienced.

    I fix peoples hardware/software problems, and have to deal w/ folks who
    have poor english. (Most of whom got my home number by accident). A few of
    which tell me they prefer my service over the guy who's add has my number.

    In my experience, I've found that some of the best support (BILL), are from
    unemployed guru types who just cant get enough of this %$#@... Because we,
    (er they) enjoy helping, and in doing so, learning more

    I'm new to this forum, and spent all night reading and I've replied to some
    of the posts.

    One of if not the first posts I read, posted by a moderator, accurately
    described how to set Internet Explorer properties to allow it to see these
    forums... hmmmmm???


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    myming Guest

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    thank you for responding.i'm very glad there are people like u willing 2 help.welcome.

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