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Thread: Zone Alarm Is Crashing On Startup and Messing Up My Computer

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    arewtee Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Is Crashing On Startup and Messing Up My Computer

    Hello,You guys should be aware that for no reason sometimes Zone Alarm Crashes and goes into a cycle of sending me a "I crashed and cant continue" dialog box over and over and over. The net result of this is that I cant shut down the machine properly but have to manualy power down. The net result of that is corrupted files on my hard drive. The corrupted files range all over the place, it looks like what ever Windows XP was trying to do before Zone Alarm grabed the system and got into this crashing loop is going to be a bad file if it was being writen.This is a very serious and severe bug. It has the potential of making your hard disk data unusuable, or not quite so bad but eqally disasterous, it could corrupt the Windows XP installation requiring you to reinstall Windows XP. Anyone with any thoughts on this are welcome to email me at, I wont really read any posts here I am just letting you know what is happening on my machine (extremely current, streamlined, and uptodate).I dont have any problems with how Zone Alarm works when it works, the real problem is that no one has bother to look at what happens when Zone Alarm doesn't work.Good Luck

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Is Crashing On Startup and Messing Up My Computer

    What I would suggest is to boot your computer into the Safe Mode {Instructions if needed}, then manually uninstall the Zone Alarm files. Your system should not crash while in the Safe Mode because ZA will not load. Here are the Zone Labs instructions .

    Then do a system clean-up, defrag, etc and you could try installing ZA again.

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