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Thread: Rogue targeting (corruption) of ZA firewall (free vers. 6.1)

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    iceb Guest

    Default Rogue targeting (corruption) of ZA firewall (free vers. 6.1)

    I cannot run zone alarm free firewall. After first install of update 6.1 I had random, infrequent refusal to allow access to different websites. Traced this to zone alarm refusing access to net of svchost.exe. after auto config. to allow it (remember, this is 'random) I then cleared everything (cookies, temp files)& uninstalled ZA firewall, deleted install file & re-downloaded 6.1.
    The new, installed download had the same prob, but much worse, refusing connection to email server, altered outlook config, refused firefox & on reboot had to safe-start & change boot device back to hard disc! All of this random, at ZA's leisure! All symptoms non-existent running without ZA installed.
    Its possible i've tripped over a false ZA update box at a website & clicked on it.
    I'd like to run ZA

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Rogue targeting (corruption) of ZA firewall (free vers. 6.1)

    I guess I would ask where you updated ZA Free, but my belief is that you have Zone Alarm Pro features turned on with no way to turn them off. Try resetting your database and see if that will fix the access problem. Reset the database this way; you will lose your customizations and will need to reconfigure Zone Alarm.

    1. Boot your computer into the Safe Mode. {Instructions if needed}
    2. Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder.
    3. Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder.
    4.Reboot into the normal mode.

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    iceb Guest

    Default Re: Rogue targeting (corruption) of ZA firewall (free vers. 6.1)

    Thanks for your reply, Bill.
    I do not have backup.rdb or iamdb.rdb. Should I? Started in safe mode & found internet logs - no contents. ZA is currently uninstalled. Should I instal & check? I use the standard instal pathway & select pre-allow svchost.exe,services.exe & firefox. I have not selected the trial prof version on any occaision.
    Many thanks

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