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Thread: Stop Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Nagging?

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    mikealbert Guest

    Default Stop Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Nagging?

    I just stopped using Norton personal Firewall. Symantec wants me to pay annually for a subscription that updates their list of "safe" applications, but I don't want to pay because the list is useless to me: it almost never includes applications I use. That's all fine, but it won't stop nagging me about renewing the subscription! Every time I run Live Update for my Norton Antivirus, I have to tell it I don't want to renew the firewall subscription. Apparently there's no way to make it stop. This is a real pain.

    So, I discarded Norton Firewall, installed the free ZoneAlarm, and I like it. I'd like to have more control provided by ZoneAlarm Pro, but don't want to get into the same situation as with Symantec. If I buy ZoneAlarm Pro and don't want to continue the subscription, can I get it to stop nagging me?


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.0

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    nowaynoway Guest

    Default Re: Stop Zone Alarm Pro Subscription Nagging?

    Using LiveUpdate isn't the only way to get updated Norton antivirus defs.

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