Hi,I very much like the Zone Alarm Security Suite I've been using in my company. However, after an entire frustrating day trying to get the new Flash Media Server 2 running locally, I read in a forum that certain security programs - such as Zonelabs -disables the media server. I also read that the server needs acces to port 1935, but that was put into question by a subsequent post, that affirmed that only a full uninstall of Zonelabs would allow me to use the Flash Media Server. To test, I ran the media server on a laptop that is not conneted to the internet and has no protection - and everything worked.I would love to continue using zonelabs, but must be able to use the FMS2, and obviously can't be on the web unprotected. Can you help? And if so, I will pass the good news on to other Flash media 2 users having similar issues.Thanks!Devin

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite