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Thread: Access to Wireless Networks

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    jenny_blaze Guest

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    im new to this whole computing scene...and when i was at school, i noticed my laptop couldnt recieve a wireless connection. but when i am at home, i can establish a wireless connection on my Linksys Router. i was just wondering do ya'll think this is because of my Zone Alarm? Im runing Zone Alarm Security Suite 6.1 on Windows XP on a Toshiba Satellite A20 laptop

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    billc Guest

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    The wireless connection you 'saw' at school but could not connect might (probably) had limited access requiring either a logon or was restricted to certain specific MAC addresses. Zone Alarm certainly can block connections but it is hard to tell if that was the issue. You can always test by shutting ZA down then try to connect to see if ZA is the source of blocking.

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