I'm having problems with ZA on our kid's PC. It runs Win98SE and the latest version of ZA. It's a P3 800MHz, 256MB, 10GB connected to our home LAN by 802.11g. It doesn't run email so mailsafe is off. The loopback and local subnets are trusted. Win98 is patched right up, and we run Grisoft AVG antivirus and lavasoft Adaware to scan for nasties. The LAN lives behind a smoothwall firewall which offers up DHCP.

Access to other machines and the net is fine with or without ZA running, but would obviously prefer this machine were as protected as our others. Despite selecting the "Load ZoneAlarm at startup" checkbox, ZA is not loading unless you choose to do so manually but there are no errors visible at startup. Is there an error log somewhere where I might find out what's stopping ZA from loading automatically?

Any ideas on what could be stopping it or how to debug this would be very welcome, cheers!

Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version: