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Thread: Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?

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    upsys Guest

    Default Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?

    Does anyone here know who at Zone Alarm deals with the reseller/partner programs and how I might contact them?
    I've tried signing up from the partner pages on the website and had no response.I've phoned the UK office, the lady who answers is just from an answering service and gives you a cellphone number.I've tried the cellphone number several times, but no-one ever returns the calls.I've phoned the US corporate number (from the website) several times (during West Coast working hours) but always get an answering
    machine which gives the customer service number.The lady on the customer service number says she knows nothing about the partner program, and the only other person in the company that she knows of is her supervisor called John (who is never there) - and to call the corporate headquarters number (see above).I tried the technical support number several times (during West Coast working hours) and I get "sorry the technical support department is closed"
    Does the Zone Alarm company really exist, or is it a figment of my imagination?
    They certainly don't seem to want to talk to a potential small business reseller.
    Before I give up and go with another product, if anyone here happens to have an insight into Zone Labs and can give me a name and/or contact number that works, I would really appreciate it.
    Alternatively, what other product do people recommend if Zone Labs don't want our business?
    Many thanks,

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?

    Sorry I don't have a specific answer of who to contact, but is this the online page you tried in the UK? Zone Labs Partner Programs .

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    upsys Guest

    Default Re: Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?

    Yes, that's the page I started at. There are no contact details there, just an online form to fill in. I've tried this several times but it generates no response.

    Most of our customers are currently on Norton Antivirus, but are reporting that the latest 2006 version causes a large and very noticable degradation in PC performance, so i'm looking for the best alternative. Zone Alarm looked like a good bet, so its a real shame that Zone Labs are so incompetent at responding to reseller enquiries.

    Given that Zone Alarm seem not to want to deal with resellers - can you recommend an alternative product?



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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?

    I'll see what I can find out from Zone Labs. Stay tuned.

    Edit: I was told you should go to the 'Help' page on this Forum ( found here ), scroll down to the end of the first section where it says, " For Additional information or unresolved Forum Problems, please E-Mail the Forum Moderator" and click on 'Forum Moderator'. Send an e-mail and it will get in the "right" hands.

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: Reseller programs - how do I contact Zone Alarm?


    At this time the program is just starting up and you must be very patient. You will get a response if you fill out the webform it just may take many weeks. At this time there is no one you can call or anyone who can call you to talk about the program. That dept is handling each request in a first come first served basis. They are overwelmed with requests at this time.

    Sorry for the delays you will get a response its just going to take some time.


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