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Thread: Unusual file?

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    gregfox Guest

    Default Unusual file?

    Does anybody know what this 16kb file is for -Perflib_Perfdata_d04 ?

    For the last few days it has appeared in my Temp file and won't let me delete it.


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    billc Guest

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    I'd not heard of that file, so I did a Google search on Perflib_Perfdata and found that it is likely a temp file created by Windows. Do a Google search and read through some of the responses .

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    Performance Library Performance Data. Did you perchance turn on the performance monitor in the admin tools services?
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    gregfox Guest

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    I had a look on the Net.

    It looks like the it is associated with Spy Doctor - Somehow, but I don't know how.

    Thanks for your help.


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    flyyourway Guest

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    This file also would be created if there is an abnormal shutdown in Windoze,I have one in the temp folder myself,I created it by just turning of the computer by holding down the power button.I recommend you search MSN also and not just google,heheh,but here is MS's response to those files in the temp folder.;en-us;285798

    The article say Windows2000 only but its also true to XP users.

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