If you have a system similar to our systems mentioned below, please be very careful with installing the Zonealarm Beta, preferably, install it on a new/test 64 XP OS on a seperate partition before installing on your main. Because we installed it on ours and it completely messes up the system, after install it will repeatedly BSOD and reboot (Windows doesn't even have time to generate an error dump) and programs will freeze up, as will zonealarm menus and even when able to get into the system, it will still spontanous reboot or crash often.
So be very careful when testing out the beta and be prepared by not having anything important on the drive and be prepared to reinstall the OS if things go wrong.
Motherboard: A8N32-SLI DeluxeProcessor: AMD 64bit FX2 4200+RAM: 4 Gb Corsair 2.5CLGraphics: 2xGeforceFX7800GT SLIRaid Controller: Promise SuperTrak FX8350

Operating System:Windows XP Pro x64
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version: