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Thread: Im under attack?

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    chrisszkoda Guest

    Default Im under attack?

    Hello all, first off all here is my setup,
    Server *winxp pro* *winxp firewall* was working nice for long time,
    2 game stations connecting to the internet via ICS on the server. *winxp pro + winxp firewall*
    here is my story, last night i lost connection to the internet via the ICS so i checked the server and i saw that the firewall was down and that ICS and ICF was deleted :/ so i went Oh noes. when i tryed resoting and cleaning my system i was TOTALLY shut out, my mouse froze and i saw very quick movment in folders and files after that i got booted and my Server couldnt login anymore, Failuresafe logon worked so i was able to see wahat happend , my Winxp firewall was taken down *dont know how* and 2 services were installed *mansor.exe and finderd.exe* + hellmsn.exe win32.exe tftp276.exe rdriv.sys - remote control / ftp / etc. and there was a msn on the C:\ it was HellBot Team assoult, so i was like what the **bleep**?? i cleaned ALL my computers since everything was infected, the only Program that worked was Zonealarm, IM buying 3 licenses btw very good protection. now i have everything up and running but im getting alot of Netbios sessions like im getting bombed and everytime i get one and a warning my connection goes down from 100% to 10% its eating my connection, from 11:00 to 21:00 i zonealarm blocked 2098 access attampts 456 of thoes are high-rated. all attempts come from 80.164.xx.xx where xx is changing, my ip is also 80.164.xx.xx so same central? what can i do? or em i just confused and its normal.. or maybe this is the wrong place to post?
    i screened this 3minutes after i wrote this,, still going up up.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    chex Guest

    Default Re: Im under attack?

    Sounds like you have a lot more problems than just ZoneAlarm, and you are correct; this may not be the right place for most of them. Try here:


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    chrisszkoda Guest

    Default Re: Im under attack?

    thanks for the advice, i will try ^^

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