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Thread: Boot-time Defrag

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    addr Guest

    Default Boot-time Defrag

    I was referred here by Raxco (Perfect Disc). They say that ZA is preventing their product doing a boot-time defrag and that the issue has been fixed in the latest release.
    I think I already have the latest release, 6.1.737.000,but I thought I'd check here first.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    chex Guest

    Default Re: Boot-time Defrag

    I have used PerfectDisk along with ZA Pro for a long time, and they get along fine with a one-time exception. There was one PD Build, around #40, before ZAP reached 5.5, when the Offline Defrag just didn't didn't work. There was a conflict at that time between the two programs, but the problem was resolved with the next build, and since then I have had zero conflicts as the PerfectDisk builds progressed and ZA upgraded.

    Perhaps our set-ups are somehow different, but I am now using PerfectDisk 7, Build #46 with ZAPro 6.1.744.000, and I am having no conflicts. Which build is your PD Prgram? (go Help | About) Which version of ZA are you using? (go Overview | Product info.)


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    addr Guest

    Default Re: Boot-time Defrag

    Thanks Chex,
    The problem is something to do with a pagefile which used to exist on Drive C but has been removed. 'Can't open C:\pagefile.sys' is part of the error message and I can't find any such file.
    I am sure it has nothing to do with ZA. Raxco didn't say which version or build of ZA caused the trouble.
    Thanks again.

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    ad_hock Guest

    Default Re: Boot-time Defrag

    Hi addr and Chex
    I also use for a long time PerfectDisk (now version 7) and ZAPro (5.5.094) in two computers with no problems. I think the problem both of you are referring was with version 5.0 that had problems with PerfectDisk and also didn't allow CHKDSK to run.
    Best regards to you both

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