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Thread: Zone Alarm/AVG Resource Problem

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    themoth Guest

    Default Zone Alarm/AVG Resource Problem

    Hi; I am using Zone Alarm 4.5.538 free with AVG free on Windows 98SE.My problem is this combo seems to be eating alot of resources eventually at times causing my PC to freeze.
    I have both these checked in MSCONFIG along with CounterSpy and System Tray and Load Power Profile.My DSL provider is offering CA's AV would that use less resources? Also other members of the house and friends use this PC so I am hesitant to uncheck some of these items in Msconfig.Any input would be appreciated.
    Thanks alot in advance.

    333MHZ Pent ll
    384mb Ram

    Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    unhappy_viewer Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm/AVG Resource Problem

    There isn't any known problems between AVG and ZA. It your processor that is limiting you. Its too slow to handle applications from these days and age. Though you may find that you barely satisfy the minimum requirements of programs like ZA 4.5 and Counterspy etc., the processor is going to be very hard pressed since you normally run a firewall, AV, antispyware protection together at the same time and aditionally when programs are launched, these security programs are going to the analyse stuff and that will take up more CPU power in addtion to launching a program and the different processes running in the background.

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