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    evo_cp Guest

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    My computer crashes each time I launch Red Orchestra. Apparently there is a conflict between it and ZA. Can anyone help how to sort it please?

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    Does Red Orchestra crash when you are not running ZoneAlarm?

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    jmates Guest

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    Yes, crashes when ZA is not running.
    RO will run only if ZA and the (seemingly offending) vsdatant.sys file are removed/uninstalled.Not a good option.
    Dev's at RO/Tripwire say they're working on this and have contacted ZLabs.
    It would be nice to hear something one way or another from either party.
    6.1.737.000Steam and RO .exe's set to super trusted. etc

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    thebeerman Guest

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    Well, It appears this has been handed over to ZLabs :

    Hopefully something is cooking and we'll hear soon.


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