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    gforceone Guest

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    My subscription to the security suite has just expired and I am trying to decide if I should renew.

    The thing is I love the way ZA allows me to control my programs access to the internet but...... the last six months I have had about 6 instances where the truevector system has had to restart. Before I got a router this left me totally exposed.

    I think this is totally unacceptable. Previously I had NIS for two years without a single crash. Mind you I hate NIS for other reasons.

    The question is why is ZA unstable (compared to NIS)? Looking through the forums seems to suggest that this number of crashes is typical.

    Has the 'stability issues addressed' changes in the latest patch made a difference? Is this enough for me to subscribe? Or should I look elsewhere (I was looking at the FSecure suite)?


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    billc Guest

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    As you might imagine, it is hard to suggest what might cause a True Vector shutdown without knowledge of your system & programs. I can suggest that you look into your Event Viewer if it happens again and you might be able to identify the cause.

    The latest update probably would not affect your ZASS performance. I suppose you do know your firewall will not stop working when your subscription expires. What expiries is future updates in the program, virus definitions, and technical support from Zone Labs. Program control, Mail Safe, ID Lock, etc. are fully functional.

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    gforceone Guest

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm not trying to be negative about the software; I really like it and don't want to uninstall it.

    The first time truevector shut down on me I read on the forums that it was linked to something ZoneLabs did at the server end. Then each time I had a crash there would be a spate of similar stories on the forum.

    I've looked in the event viewer and never noticed anything unusual.

    I remeber reading a thread where one of the gurus seemed to indicate that a couple of crashes a year was normal. My problem is I don't think it should be.

    The last couple of builds have fixes for 'stability issues'. Before I spend money I would just like to know that there is a problem and it is being addressed. I suppose there must be some sort of issue for these items to make the build.

    Also I am continuing to use the software until I decide what to do.

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    billc Guest

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    I can report that the issue from the Zone Labs servers has indeed been resolved and True Vectors crashes coming from that source has been eliminated. You might have read one of my posts that said a couple of True Vector shutdowns in a year are not necessarily expected, but not unusual either.I can't tell you it will not happen again but I can say that Zone Labs continues to reduce the chances of a TV crash as they get more reports from users.

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