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Thread: Online Games scores blocked.

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    pang Guest

    Default Online Games scores blocked.

    When I play online arcade games my scores are not saved-
    The error returned was:

    This score was not submitted from the game. Your score will not be saved.

    I`m using ZA Pro and have allowed everything in the Privacy, Site list, Options section for the site i`m playing on, but still it won`t save the scores. The only time it saves my scores is when I turn off ZA. ZA lists nothing in the logs about what is stopping it send the scores.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Online Games scores blocked.

    Go back to your Privacy > Site List, right click on the gaming page entry, select 'options', then go through all 3 tabs to make sure everything is unchecked. You might find something is still blocked. If that did not fix it, then turning off all of your "Main" Privacy before you go to the site should permit your score to be retained. My guess is that the site uses JavaScript and the Privacy script is getting in the way.

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    pang Guest

    Default Re: Online Games scores blocked.

    Turning everything off in Main worked, thanks. I think the scores must be sent to a site that doesn`t show up on the site list.

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