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Thread: Not sure what this means...

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    lkjhuiop Guest

    Default Not sure what this means...

    I sent a note to support about this ... problem?... Haven't heard anything.
    Perhaps one of you might know.
    Recently I had an infection with the ZKLOB ? update spammer/trojan.
    While EWIDO seemed to take care of it, I noticed something.
    The activity scanner now shows constant activity.
    When I looked to see what it was, it was 1 to 3 instances of the General Host Process for Win 32 Server running.
    One of the instances looked like it was going crazy.
    Am I still infected?
    I get no response on that after running EWIDO, the Suite, and Adaware.
    Is it a problem I have seen just a note here and there on - a bug with the 'contact mama' piece of ZL software.
    And another thing - the advertising says that the Suite will prevent 'spyware cookies' from being loaded on my machine.
    Yet when I run the suite or Adaware, I always seem to find something.
    Is that just 'advertising' or does this work and I have somehow comprimised my machine?
    Is ZL going to put a 'block trojan spammer' piece into its trojan blocker?
    Anyone know?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    lkjhuiop Guest

    Default Re: Not sure what this means...

    Well the multitude of responses have overwhelmed me.

    I did get one response that said it looked like my requests for help didn't go through and that I should 'officially' try again.
    I think I shudda bought something else.
    <not that I think they are better - just want to be rejected by somebody new>
    My computer locks up when I leave Eudora running at night.
    Gotta be ZL Suite since that is the only thing that has changed.
    <sometimes I wish it was 200 years ago so I could get my trusty flintlock out and go varmint hunting>
    If you want to cheer me up - leave me a note.
    And if you have a suggestion other than 'beat your head against the ZL support wall', I would like to hear that.

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