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Thread: Stop All Internet Activity -problem

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    troika Guest

    Default Stop All Internet Activity -problem

    Clicking on 'Stop All Internet Activity' works OK but when I click on it again to connect again this does not, of itself, reconnect me.I need to click on my BB Local Area connection icon and then click 'Repair'
    which fixes it.Why is this necessary and what is being repaired? Thanks for any enlightenment.Xp Sp2, ZA free.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.0

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: Stop All Internet Activity -problem

    When you click on the 'Stop' button, it does just that, stops all internet activity. Included in the internet activity is your DHCP server renewing your IP. Once you stop the renewal of your IP, then your ISP will think you are shutdown and you'll need to restore (fix) your connection. Form the Zone Alarm Help Files<hr>Click the Stop button to immediately block all network activity including Internet access. Clicking the Stop button on the dashboard instantly closes your computer to incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. Therefore, you should click the Stop button only if you believe your computer is under attack, otherwise, Zone Labs security software may block legitimate programs that require access, as well as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) messages or ISP heartbeat messages used to maintain your Internet connection.. <hr>

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    troika Guest

    Default Re: Stop All Internet Activity -problem


    Thanks for that. Sorry not to have replied earlier - been away.

    So it seems that using Stop on ZA is not a good idea to use to just disconnect for a short time.

    I've found disabling my network connection is troublesome too, in reconnecting. So it's back to pulling out the ethernet cable from my computer! Brute force cannot be ruled out -

    seems daft to me!

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    clue Guest

    Default Re: Stop All Internet Activity -problem

    my ip doesn't get from dhcp,but static ip in a local network.
    so ,what happen when i click 'Stop' button again?
    my firefox can't connect to dns(udp port 53) --block this.
    but after few minutes (maybe 8 minutes),firefox can connet to dns .

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