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Thread: Log in problems on MSN messanger & Yahoo mail

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    yayaju Guest

    Default Log in problems on MSN messanger & Yahoo mail

    Hi,I recently installed an update version and have then started to encountered some problems.
    I was able to fix one problem by finding the answer from previous posts, but here's the problem I could not fix.
    I can not long into my MSN messanger nor my Yahoo mail account.
    With the MSN, it says the server is temporary unavailable; while after sign in the Yahoo mail, it loads a page says "can not find server".
    I checked with my husband's computer and I was able to log into both successfully, but I just couldn't log in on my own computer.
    What should I do? Thanks!

    Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Log in problems on MSN messanger & Yahoo mail

    With MSN Messenger there are some login issues which could be solved in earlier versions by tweeking the connection configuration. Those options are not available in the current version.

    If you need to use MSN Messenger, you will find that Windows Messenger does not have the same connection issues (beats me why not!). In case you are not familiar with Windows Messenger, it is the 'business' version of MSN Messenger - ie the same program but with all the kiddy glitter (winks etc) taken out and with some added business functionality. It is the default messaging program on Windows XP SP2.

    Download it directly from HERE but if you have XP SP2 you may already have it.

    Alternatively, move to a different messenger service which doesn't have these issues and if you do, I suggest SKYPE which is far more secure. Get your friends over there too!

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    yayaju Guest

    Default Re: Log in problems on MSN messanger & Yahoo mail

    well, I resolved this problem by uninstalling ZoneAlarm and reinstalling the version before the latest update. Everything work fine again.

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