Hi - Wondering if anyone has "any" suggestions for the below problem - also am a bit of a novice at this stuff but trying to learn.

I am using PC Tools Registry Mechanic 5.2 along with ZA ISS.

When I run a full scan in RM it usually picks up a problem -
temporary CHK file usually named C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ZLT?????.TMP from the Temp Files/Shortcut Section of the scan.

If I then fix this problem with RM and attempt to run another full scan I get the following error message from RM - Registry Mechanic is missing core application files: C\Program Files\Registry Mechanic\log\ignore.dat Please reinstall

This requires me to reistall RM. I have checked the RM log files and the ignore.dat file is still there so am assuming it has been altered in some way.

I have run a full scan with ZA shutdown and it didn t pick up this temp CHK file - fixed all identified problems and run a full scan again with no problems.

It looks like I have identified the problem however I now face the situation where I can t add C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ZLT?????.TMP to the Ignore Key list as is appears Zone Alarm creates a new TMP file on each start up with a different name C:\ WINDOWS\Temp\ZLT?????.TMP.

It s a bit annoying to disable the Internet Security to run a registry scan and it s a bit dangerous using the automatically remove feature available in RM.

Would you have any advice as to how I can either get RM or Zone Alarm to ignore this TMP key?

Thanks for any advice


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite