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Thread: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

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    andyskinner Guest

    Default Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    We have a new-ish Windows XP box with Zone Alarm (free) on it.
    Frequently on logging in or out, we get a blue screen, complaining about vsdatant.sys.
    As I search for info about this file, I find it is used by Zone Alarm.
    (Also I've heard it with reference to the Cisco VPN client, version 4.0.1.)
    Zone Alarm version is:ZoneAlarm version:6.1.744.001
    TrueVector version:6.1.744.001
    Driver version:6.1.744.001
    I've found tips about disabling this file, and various things pointing to Zone Alarm.
    I'm nervous about removing and reinstalling Zone Alarm, just because of the pain I had to go through trying to get our wireless network set up.
    Anyone know what I can do with this?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    Hi andyskinner,

    Hopefully the following will solve your problem, if not PLEASE post back, Thanks.

    Cisco VPN 3.51 causes the vsdatant.sys blue screen error. You can fix it by upgrading to Cisco VPN 4.6 client. I haven't had the problem since.

    Download here:


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    andyskinner Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    Thanks, I'll try (I'm on other computer now).

    I'd heard that about the VPN client 3.something, but I've got 4.0.1.
    I'll see whether 4.6 is better, and let you know either way.

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    andyskinner Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    My company got me a copy of 4.8 for the VPN client, and after installing I have seen the blue screen again.

    So I'm still looking for options here.

    Should I be pursuing this with a focus on the VPN client, or Zone Alarm?
    What specifically is common?



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    Default Re: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    Hi andyskinner,

    I several options for you to decide what to complete next about this problem.

    1.) Contact the following support site of Zone Alarm and wait for a solution from them. How it will take, I really don't know. Or try my other two possible solutions and see if they will solve your problem. It's your decision! If you decide to go with the support site from Zone Alarm, PLEASE let me know what exactly they mentioned to you on the solution, so the next time if someone has a problem, like yours, we can direct the people to the correct solution, instead of going around in circles, until we find a fix to the problem.

    Here is the info on the site for Zone Alarm.

    PLEASE go to the following thread as someone else had the same problem as yours, perhaps their solution will work for you?


    My last solution, if you want to try this one also, it may solve the problem.

    Zone Labs Customer Care

    This Information Applies to:

    How to Perform a Clean Install


    There is an option available (in version 4 and later) to perform a clean uninstall. Please make sure that you have the latest version downloaded already, if you plan to reinstall.

    In order to perform a clean uninstall of ZoneAlarm, please follow the steps below:

    IMPORTANT - If you have a Cisco VPN client installed, you must first uninstall the VPN client, then follow the instructions below, and reinstall the Cisco VPN client again afterwards. This procedure will remove all traces of the TrueVector service, which was incorporated by Cisco into their VPN software.<ul>[*]If you wish to keep your settings, create a Backup from Overview - &gt; Preferences before starting, and then Restore afterwards (available in ZoneAlarm Premium products only).[*]Click on Start -&gt; Programs -&gt; Zone Labs[*]RIGHT-click on Uninstall Zone Labs Security, then select Properties[*]Under Target you will see the following line (the actual drive may be different on your system):[/list]

    &quot;C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninstexe"<ul>[*]Change it to:[/list]

    &quot;C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zauninst.exe&quot; /clean

    (add a space and then the /clean)<ul>[*]Click OK to save the new command line.[*]Click on Start -&gt; Programs -&gt; Zone Labs -&gt; Uninstall Zone Labs Security[*]Click OK to run the uninstaller, and OK any security alerts that pop up.[*]say &quot;Yes when being prompted for the removal of all files and allow TrueVector to shut down.[*]Reboot[*]After rebooting, check for the following folders, and delete them if you find them:[/list]

    &quot;Internet Logs&quot;

    &quot;Zone Labs&quot; (under your Program Files folder)

    (under your Windows System32 folder)<ul>[*]Empty your recycle bin[*]Reboot[*]install the latest version if you are reinstalling[/list]

    PLEASE keep me posted on your results, Thanks.

    Good Luck!


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    roderickl Guest

    Default Re: Blue screen about vsdatant.sys

    I recently gave support to a user who encountered the same thing.
    He uses IE 7.
    He also uses Cisco VPN Client 4.05.
    First thing I instructed him to do is perform an anti-spy/anti-ad -ware sweep of his computer.
    You can download free ones like the AntiSpy tool that comes with Yahoo! Toolbar.Ad-Aware AE is also good.
    You can download it from (CNET's site).Use Ad-Aware in tandem with Spybot S&amp;D 1.6x.
    You can also download it from
    After sweeping your computer for mal-ware, you may want to re-install the VPN Client.
    I instructed the user I assisted to do so and it solved his problem.
    Again, perform spy/ad -ware sweep.
    Do this once a week if you browse the web a lot.
    Next, perform re-install of VPN Client.
    hope this helps you out.

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