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Thread: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

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    gdenison Guest

    Default MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    Verizon DSL as an upgrade provides free MSN Premium or Yahoo to its subscribers. We are considering upgrading to MSN Premium.Does anyone out there currently have MSN Premium and ZA? If so, are they compatible?Are there any problems or concerns with compatibility?

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    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    MSN Premium includes...<ul>[*]Virus Guard*
    (Includes spyware protection)


    [*]MSN Parental Controls
    [*]E-mail Virus Protection
    [*]MSN Junk E-mail Guard
    [*]MSN Pop-up Guard
    [*]Up to 10 additional member accounts
    [*]Outlook Connector
    [*]Anytime, anywhere access to e-mail
    [*]Multiple e-mail account support
    [*]2 GB of MSN Hotmail
    [*]MSN Photo Story Lite
    [*]MSN Designer E-mail with Photo Albums
    [*]MSN Messenger Photo Swap

    [*]MSN Alert Reminders
    [*]MSN Encarta
    [*]MSN Photos Plus
    [*]PictureIt! Express
    [*]MSN Money Plus
    [*]MSN Download Manager
    [*]Free technical support
    [*]MSN Member Center
    [*]MSN Video**


    You can't run two different firewalls at the same time so you'll have to choose one or the other.

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    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    Hi The Rogers cable offers Computer Associates AntiVirus, the Free Zone Alarm, and the Yahoo Antispy. Somehow the Antispam and Parental Control is added in. I haven't heard of any complaints about the antivirus or the firewall. Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    gdenison Guest

    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    Let me try the question again. Does anyone have ZA and MSN Premium running currently together and if so, are you having any problems?

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    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    Maybe the lack of a response in this forum tells you something. The aforementioned package already has a firewall in it so I would imagine that the &quot;no brainer&quot; that folks are going with is that they are probably using the firewall that comes with the premium package rather than paying for the internet access with the premium package as well as for another firewall. If you are looking for that rare individual who might actually choose to pay twice for internet security you are more likely to find them in a forum created by or about MSN Premium. I assume you used the search program here at the Zonelab site. I did and found not one reference to the situation you are asking about.

    Good luck with that

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    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    First off there are maybe a dozen people that come around here, and read posts that don't have a problem to begin with. So the chances of you getting a positive answer is slim. One place you may want to ask this question is over at,vzThis is the Verizon Forum at DSLReports (or Broadbandreports). You will have folks over there with the service, and you would have a better chance of one of them using ZA.
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    captainkirk Guest

    Default Re: MSN Premium Compatibility with ZA Issues

    I have used MSN Premium with ZA Pro and the one issue I have with the latest version of ZA is that Ad Blocking doesn't happen with MSN Premium. I've tried most of the suggestions in this forum, but ZA cannot satisfactorily (at least in my opinion) eliminate
    all of those annoying banner and flash

    Interesting, ZA has no problem eliminating adds when I run
    Iexplorer. ZA seems to work well in blocking ads in iexplorer.

    I've always enjoyed ZA over all other solutions, but it seems lately
    as both MSN Premium and ZA evolves, it seems that MSN Premium
    has found ways to circumvent the trick of blocking ads.

    I have moved to Outpost 3.5. I'm not as 'in love' with Outpost but it does a fantastic job of eliminating most ads in
    both MSN Premium and iexplorer.

    Interestingly, I also have a license for Kerio 4. I think this product is good (not as good as ZA
    but better than Outpost!) but
    it also exhibits problems with blocking ads in MSN Premium, but
    blocks them
    well in iexplorer.

    I know Ad blocking
    should not be a factor in
    choosing a
    good firewall. Being a great firewall is the prime objective. But
    for me, if ad blocking is offered as a
    feature within a product, it should at least do
    a good job of it.

    Just my two cents.

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