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Thread: http(80) is it legit???

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    bali Guest

    Default http(80) is it legit???

    Norton antivirus detected the above connection today ..i see http connection continuously ..
    i never seen this IP address before to connect to zonelab.
    Is it legit zonelab ip address..Also i see (69.44.123.*) the last was changing with diffrent address.

    WOuld you confirm is it a legit or not?

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    Default Re: http(80) is it legit??? Seems okay. ":" is the remote port and "80" is the http protocol, so that seems okay. A tip for strange addresses is to just google it. Then select " contain the Term" (safer) and do not select the direct "link" or "web pages". Those last two options may put you in the lions den! Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    billc Guest

    Default Re: http(80) is it legit???

    Yes, it is legit. Have a look at Hoov's post on the contacts with Zone Labs servers.

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