Whilst attempting to defrag my hard disk (using Norton Speed Disk) a few months ago, I noticed the defrag program constantly stopping and restarting due to disk writes. After unsuccessfully trying to remedy the problem by trying all the usual things, I had a think about what new software had been recently installed; a new version of free Zone Alarm had been installed a week or so earlier. Disabling Zone Alarm ON IT'S OWN solved the problem and therefore the culprit was unambiguously found! No problem you might think, as it's easy to shut down ZA when there's a defrag to be done!

Recently, after installing 61_744_001, I've noticed that Norton Disk Doctor (Norton's version of Scandisk) wont complete, due to disk writes. Since I'm still running 98SE my system crashes a lot, usually due to MSN Messenger (another problem to sort out!). After a reboot, the first thing I do is run Disk Doctor to sort out any disk problems caused by a hard system reset. But Zone Alarm again causes problems by interrupting Disk Doctor. What's worrying is that sometimes it does this whilst the program is repairing a problematic file, hence causing a problem with the FAT. So It's shut down zone alarm, run Disk doctor, then reboot to restart Zone Alarm. Time consuming!

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know a work-around?

Operating System:Windows 98-SE (Second Edition)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version:6.1