I had been using an older version of Zone Alarm (free) v2.1.44 on a Compaq P3 866mhz w/512mb ram and Windows 2000 Pro. On June 4, 2006 I clicked the [Check For Update] button,found downloaded and installedzlsetup_61_744_001_en.exe. I found the package to be missing files. I could do an upgrade but not a full install. I found a previous download of Zone Alarm 2005 on my old Win98 (no longer used) box anddid a new install ofthis versionon the P3.With ZA2.1.44 my computer takes 15 seconds to fully boot up. Win Zone Alarm 2005 or the upgrade from 2005 to the newer version it takes 15 minutes! If I check the event log it says that Zone Alarm true vector failed to start. I also find that everything runsslug slow; about 100 times slower by my estimate, evenif Zone Alarm is shutdown. I do a lot of number crunching on this computer. The applications that do this work cannot be used with the new Zone Alarm as the computer runs too slow to complete the tasks in a reasonable length of time. There doesn't seem to be any valid reason for the slowdown.My task manager showsmy CPU useageis almost on idle when running anything, typically 1% to 3% useage. Under v2.1.44 it shows 100% usagefor everything.As near as I can determine the problems start when the computer displays the "Applying Security Policy" message on bootup. It hangs there for a good 5 minutes or longer. I uninstalled all anti-spyware and anti-virus software, shutdown and restarted but it made no difference. I had to reinstall v2.1.44 to get my performance back.This is a registered version of Win2000 Pro with all the Microsoft security packs and Windows updates. After I reinstalled v2.1.44 I checked Windows Update and found that Security Pack 2 needed to be reinstalled. I was there just the day before and everything was fine.Any idea what the problem is?

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)
Software Version: