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Thread: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

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    cbachinger Guest

    Default vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    I have a centrino 1.6Ghz 512MB 30GB HDD and ever since I went from 5.0 to 6.0 and 6.1 with ZASS, I have experienced low performance; and in different ways.

    1. Startups take forever; i could comfortably say that my laptop works for 1-2 minutes straight before any of my taskbar items load.

    2. Programs take time to activate when i click their icons to open them.

    3. The vsmon.exe process can go from a comfortable 12MB to a system crippling 40MB. OK, it isnt as bad as some ive heard (250MB) but it is enough to cripple my system from the time of loading into windows.

    I have gone through a majority of the cases and have done virtually all that has been advised; clean uninstall, file deletions, antivirus and mailsafe turned off and component control off, however these dont make any difference to performance.

    How can you tell how much VM is being used?

    I am really in desperate need here!

    Surely 512MB is enough - but not so for someone else that i read about; even 1GB!!!! I am dumbstruck!!

    ZA is just like Symantec - it is a safe and reliable program but it tends to **bleep** the life out of so many computers

    Many thanks.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:6.1

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    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    Hi How Much VM? Look Here: Usually 1.5 times the actual RAM. Can be set higher. What is Systen Requirements For Security Suite: 128 MB RAM:;jsessionid=EjjZGWHJThZg0wJ2gft6dTtrNuH lDvFnbxA0j9dYgvkW9Jv2MfBe!-2012622858!-1062696903!7551!7552!NONE?namespace=zls_catalog&am p;origin=catalog_main.jsp&event=link.skuList&a mp;dc=12bms&ctry=&lang=en&lid=ho_zass
    Will vsmom.exe reduce in usage? Quite likely. First day of ZA AntiSpy installation, the vsmon.exe hit 75,000 k mem! Now sits between 15,000 to 22,000 k mem usage. This is in a long time of internet usage (8-10 hours). It and the zlclient.exe do take a period of time to accustom to the new surroundings. If you are behind a router, just turn the ZA off for a second and turn on again immediately. Brings the reading down.
    Please turn the antivirus back on immediately! The a/v has nothing to do with the vsmon.exe and the zlcient.exe. The antivirus should always be on full time! Also look at the for the Services which can be reduces to help reduce the workload and give extra resources to the PC.
    Take care! Oldsod
    Best regards.

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    cbachinger Guest

    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    I know how to get to the VM settings; i was referring to see how much VM is being used at any time.

    Appreciate the link you sent - could you direct me a little more for this specific problem, as there
    are quite a few links and neither immediately imply about freeing system resources. They tend to lead to more
    links that seem to go further away from the solution.

    Greatly appreciating further help.


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    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    Hi! Yes! Look under "S" for "Services Guide for Windows XP". Oldsod BTW VM is the Peak Commit Change (in Task Manger)(I think?) Oldsod

    Message Edited by Oldsod on 05-11-200605:51 PM

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
    Software Version:6.1
    Best regards.

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    fwguru Guest

    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    The amount of virtual memory a process uses is not really relevant to performance, firstly because you don't know how much has been committed and secondly because it is paged to disk when not needed.

    The working set of a process is the amount of physical memory it has allocated.

    The virtual size of a process is actually the limit the process said it "might need" and does not correlate to physical memory or amount of page file space used.
    Shared DLLs are loaded once but recorded against the virtual size of every process that uses them (so if loading IE takes up 64MB of memory, loading 2 does not really consume 128MB).

    The private bytes value of a process is the amount of virtual memory which is specifically only for that process.

    Tracking the virtual size of a process is not useful unless it is constantly increasing, it is better for performance troubleshooting to look at processor time for each process and page faults (a request for access to virtual memory which is paged to disk).

    During your startup which takes 1-2 minutes, is the hard disk light solidly on?
    If it's not, then it could indicate a timeout, perhaps ZA is blocking a system process like csrss, smss or svchost?

    Process Explorer is useful for looking at more detailed information than Task Manager:
    SysInternals Process Explorer Page

    I typically use the columns:
    Working Set
    Private Bytes
    Virtual Size
    Command Line
    Company Name

    (plus DEP Status and Image Type on 64-bit versions of Windows)

    A simple test is to launch Process Explorer, then try launching one of the apps you say takes time to activate when you click it - watch which process consumes CPU time or if there is lots of hard disk access.

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    lordankur Guest

    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    i am also having this problem.....

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    hirscr Guest

    Default Re: vsmon.exe is swallowing up all my resources!!!

    I too am having this annoying problem.. a looky here again, no official response from ZA! Great help here.Yes VSMON takes a lot of space and that other guy is sorta right ,it is not NECESSARILY correlated to vsmon using resources. But the CPU time IS directly correlated andi will watch, as i switch apps, the CPU time for vsmonspike up while my computer is hanging doing nothing. it is quite annoying and unless there is some real help available somewhere (paying for phone help, using a useless so-called knowledge base and searching for days one these forums does not constitute a good technical support) im going to have to find another product.BTW, the only thing I have found so far to do is performing a CLEAN install (not an upgrade) There are instructions around and Im goin to try it. I dont have high hopes. I just did a clean install when my motherboard died and here is where i am.

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