Just installed the ZoneAlarm Firewall tonight on a new laptop. Here are the pertinent details of the problem :

Notebook Model: Toshiba A105-S4014 Core-Duo, Windows XP MCE
Browser: Mozilla Firefox (switched from IE last week, because IE was causing stalls on webpages . . . Firefox has totally solved that issue, but I had the Firefox there before I installed ZoneAlarm )

Here's what happens: If I move my finger across the Toshiba touchpad too quickly (this is my best guess as to the reason it happens), the cursor onscreen becomes unmovable, and then a box immediately appears -- the same type that usually comes up for "suspicious behavior" warnings or access approval. Because the cursor is frozen, it makes it impossible to click on "allow" or "deny". Obviously I want to allow it, but how do I do this? Here is the data it lists in the box that appears:

Application: SynTPEnh.exe
"Suspicious Behavior"
(Synaptics Touch Pad Enhancements)
event=2 subevent=0 class=2

The data goes on to include a line with firefox.exe in it, and yet another line includes microsoft.com/isapi/redir.dll . . . quite a bit of data that I had to write down, and I can type it out here if it will help with a diagnosis. Obviously ZA doesn't like my touchpad.

At any rate, once that box appears -- and it has done so twice tonight -- there is no unlocking the screen or exiting or using CONTROL>ALT>DELETE, since the cursor is totally locked up at that point. I have to turn off the machine and begin again, but with no way of preventing it from happening again.

Any suggestions?

Thank you so much



Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version: